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2009-07-25 13:43:53 by invisiblecake

It's invisible


Audio dump

2009-04-12 10:10:47 by invisiblecake

Hi, this alt account isn't active at all and really serves no purpose. I'm actually gregaaron89's alt but I just kind of sat here. So I decided to upload some audio from waaay back that is pretty crappy or never went anywhere. But it's nostalgic and mainly for archiving purposes putting it here and showing u guizes some stuff you would have never heard otherwise. Meh I guess there's some redeeming qualities to them otherwise I wouldn't put them online at all. And some new stuff too I guess, short little loops or me fooling around with something.

Hello, NGers.

2008-08-22 20:00:31 by invisiblecake

15,000 internets to you if you can guess who's alt this is.